Educating Ruby

what our children really need to learn

Guy Claxton, Bill Lucas

Available in paperback and eBook format.

ISBN: 978-184590954-3

Educating Ruby: what our children really need to learn – the book, linked to authors Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas’ campaign, is for teachers, parents, grandparents, employers and anybody interested in the current education system. Read it and have the confidence to stand up and have your say on the future of education.

Everyone knows schools need rethinking – our political and educational worlds teem with critiques and proposals. But few speak from the heart: from the perspectives and concerns of teachers, children and families as human beings (rather than as deliverers or recipients of the curriculum).

The book includes:

Foreword by Professor Tanya Byron
Foreword by Octavius Black

  1. Causes for concern
  2. Why old school won’t work
  3. Competence and character
  4. What’s worth learning these days?
  5. Reasons to be cheerful
  6. What parents can do at home
  7. A call to action
  8. Thirty ways you could help a local school
  9. A selection of thought-provoking books

About the authors:

Prof Guy Claxton is Emeritus Professor at the University of Winchester and Visiting Professor of Education at King’s College London. He has previously taught and researched at Oxford University, Bristol University and the University of London Institute of Education. Guy is an internationally renowned cognitive scientist.

Prof Bill Lucas is Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester. An acknowledged thought-leader in education, Bill has been a school leader and the founder of two national educational charities. With Guy Claxton he created the Expansive Education Network for schools wishing to expand the goals of education to include much that is central to Educating Ruby.

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