NAHT Leadership Focus explores the arguments of Educating Ruby

Bill Lucas argues that headteachers need to get both strategic and practical if they are serious about character

Nicky Morgan this month cemented the government’s commitment to social justice with a raft of new measures to ensure every child leaves school with world-class capabilities in the crucial non-cognitive skills. Drawing on the work of Professors Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas, the Secretary of State for Education went on to explain that all pupils would be expected to develop the 7Cs  of character - confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship.

The plans underline the government’s clear one-nation agenda - giving every child the chance to go to a great school, securing them a brighter future and giving families the assurance that their children are getting the very best education and opportunities.


Believable? Recognise this? Heard of the new CBacc? Keen students of DfE press releases will immediately spot my spoof. For while most of the words are the same as the first paragraphs of a release about EBacc that was posted on 16 June, I have been creative with a few of the others. EBacc has become CBacc (or the ‘Character Baccalaureate’ to give its full imaginary name) and subjects have been replaced by capabilities.


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