TES calls on schools to consider ideas in Educating Ruby for a fresh start after the Election

TES Editor Ann Mroz urges the new Secretary of State for Education to think radically

Educating Ruby receives extensive coverage in this week's TES. 'Today' writes Ann Mroz, 'we live in a very different world, one that has been changed beyond all recognition... It is a world that requires people who can think for themselves.' She invites readers to 'embrace the seven Cs: confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship' suggested in Educating Ruby

In the same issue of TES Adi Bloom explores the ways in which schools can become much better able to develop the many 'Rubys' in them. Her article is on pages 16 and 17: 'Why students should know their own strength - focus on mental muscles not exam results, academic urge.' Drawing on Guy's and Bill's thinking she challenges the newly elected politicians 'not to get too comfortable' and instead to focus on the nature of how people teach to develop both character and examination success. You can read the whole article here.

On page 43 Educating Ruby also gets a positive mention in 'Hot of the Press'.