Hattie loves Ruby!

We are very excited to share with you the latest review of Educating Ruby from none other than Professor John Hattie!

"Schools for everyone are a 19th century invention. They trained young people for the work force, developed factual knowledge, and encouraged compliance, passivity and discipline. But the world is different now. Most children are not born into stable communities; instead the globalised, digital world is at their fingertips.  Now, relishing adventure, learning from mistakes, and engaging with challenge are the very essence of learning (as evident in video games and sport) and Educating Ruby shows that developing such character attributes can also be at the heart of successful schools. Ruby is typical of all the children we need to educate to live in this exciting, buzzing, and changing world. This book has a welcome and strong message that it is not an either-or; the development of character and competence can go hand in hand. And it is beautifully written, underpinned by excellent research, and with the strong practical implications that have long been the hallmark of Claxton and Lucas's work. We urgently need to upscale the messages and methods of this book. Thanks to Ruby, Guy and Bill for leading the way."

Professor John Hattie, author of Visible Learning