Call to Action

Voices for Change

In Educating Ruby, Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas make a number of suggestions as to what you might do to bring about changes in schools, either the school your child goes to if you have one or schools more generally if not.

Act now!

You can take action right away by:

  • (In England) asking your MP whether she or he supports the Educating Ruby campaign

  • Writing to your local newspaper to suggest that all schools should actively teach the 7Cs – confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship as well as focusing on examination success

  • Joining the campaign. Use #EducatingRuby if you tweet.

  • Encouraging your friends to use #EducatingRuby and follow @EducatingRuby for updates

  • Shifting the conversation onto the 7Cs whenever you have the opportunity to talk to your child’s teacher rather than just responding to information about your child’s academic progress and grades

  • Asking your school's head teacher how they are encouraging children to be creative (or any of the other 7Cs)

  • Suggesting to your child’s school’s PTA that they invite parents to discuss the ideas explored in Educating Ruby.

Already there are many voices arguing for change.

In this graphic we show some of the different ways in which this is beginning to happen:

The traffic light colouring suggests the amount of agreement (or lack of it) with the views expressed in Educating Ruby.

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