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Ruby's capabilities are the new currency for success in life

Victoria, the 'Education State', is making me very welcome as I work and learn alongside Australian educators in cultivating and assessing capabilities in schools

This morning I addressed school principals from across the state. My message was clear. We have to get more serious about making sure all Australian young men and women leave school with a set of essential capabilities as well as deep knowledge and considerable skill in a range of academic and vocational areas.

While of course Australian parents want their children to do well in NAPLAN tests, this is only a fraction of what will be needed in the future. For unless students are creative, curious, resilient and resourceful they will neither be prepared for a lifetime of learning new things nor be able to thrive in a fast-changing world.

A number of principals made a point of telling me how much they agree with the arguments Guy Claxton and I make in Educating Ruby. Many are intent on really embedding capabilities alongside subject disciplines. Several are already using Guy's Building Learning Power in their schools as a means of developing capable learners. Others have adopted Visible Thinking or Habits of Mind. Whatever the chosen framework there is a real concern to do this really well.

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