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UK PTA's Emma Williams and Optimus Education's Alex Masters blog about Ruby

Encouraging signs that there is a groundswell of interest in developing Ruby-friendly schools

Two new blogs this week explore aspects of the arguments in Educating Ruby.

Emma Williams writes 'Guy Claxon and Bill Lucas are calling for a complete rethink of education. They think that as well as focussing on exam success, children should be taught the 7Cs: confidence, curiosity, collaboration, communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship. They are calling for parents to lobby their schools, teachers and MPs. It’s a compelling argument...' You can read her whole piece here.

Alex Masters shares her enjoyment of the session Guy gave at The Sunday Times Festival of Education: 'For this type of education to succeed, academic rigour alongside character-building, Claxton stated it has to permeate the school, not just be a bolt-on. He offered these suggestions for embedding it in the whole school culture:

  • school website
  • communication with parents
  • displays and images
  • report writing
  • lesson design
  • timetable structure
  • feedback and assessment
  • professional development.

‘Education is for all,’ she concluded, ‘not just the studious.' Alex's whole article is here.