• Schools are not fit for their 21C purpose and they have to change.
    It’s no good leaving this change to politicians, it needs to be owned by parents.
  • Too many children – Rubys – are failed by the school system.
  • We need to hear the voice of the Mods, not just the false
    opposite land inhabited by Trads and Roms.
  • There is no such thing as a static curriculum or eternal verities.
    Each new generation needs to appraise what matters most and adapt,
    not suffer as the creators of the Sabre-toothed curriculum did.
  • There is global agreement that the 7Cs – confidence, curiosity, collaboration,
    communication, creativity, commitment and craftsmanship – matter.
  • The 7Cs are not an alternative to knowledge but an essential and
    integral part of learning anything; you can get results the right way,
    i.e. at the same time as cultivating the 7Cs.
  • There are three kinds of things that are worth learning today –
    utilities (tying your laces and telling the time), treasures (your cultural heritage)
    and exercise-machines (activities which stretch children’s ‘learning muscles’).
  • Challenging, well-organised project and enquiry work is
    not progressive and lazy. It is essential and rigorous.
  • A growing number of respected organisations also agree –
  • The same is true of individuals. The heads of two of our best-known
    public schools and many heads of many other schools across the world
    support our ‘expansive education’ movement.
  • There are many things that parents can do at home to develop the
    7Cs and create kitchen and garden based ‘exercise machines’ for their children’s minds.
  • Educating Ruby is a call to arms. We can celebrate the work of those schools
    which get results the right way and campaign using social media
    and local action to change the status quo.

Educating Ruby: what our children really need to learn is a powerful call to action for everyone who cares about education in an uncertain world. It shows, unequivocally, that schools can get the right results in the right way so that the Rubys of tomorrow will emerge from their time at school able to talk with honest pleasure and reflective optimism about their schooling.

Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas aim to build a groundswell of common educational sense: a community of individuals. Through this site they want to recruit a network of influential individuals and a coalition of warmly disposed organisations to create a head of steam for the right kind of change…

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